Points to ensure
a successful Webinar


  • More Images, less text.
  • Max 10 Words in each slide.
  • Use widescreen 16 : 9 in page setup.
  • Add Notes to slides for your reference.
    These will not be visible to audience.

Panelist joining Link

  • You will receive it in your Mail box.

  • If you use Gmail, Check in Updates.

  • Still not received?
    Contact coordinator from KISAN.

Before the event


  • Wear Dark colour.
  • Avoid Light or Window behind you.
  • Light on your face.
  • Limit Background Noise.
    Close doors & windows.
  • Set image as Virtual Background.
  • Click on the Panelist Link to join.
  • Sign-in to Zoom.
  • Upload your Profile Picture on Zoom.
  • Check Audio & Video settings.
  • Set image as Virtual Background.


  • Turn-off Desktop notif ications.
  • Camera should be placed 1-2 feet away.
  • If joining from mobile, hold it Horizontally.
  • Alternative Internet connection is on.
  • Clock / Stopwatch to track time.
  • Mobile on Silent Mode.

Ready to start ?

  • Keep your PPT on the Presentation Mode.
  • Use ”Presenter View”.
  • Select Optimise for Video while sharing.

Key points
When you speak.

Unmute Mic.

Ensure Video is on.

Click on the Participants tab
to see all the panelists & attendees.

Check questions in QnA & answer them live.