What You Will Need

  • A computer with webcam and microphone.
    Many newer computers have built-in webcams and microphones but if yours does not, you can buy an external webcam-microphone.
  • A computer or Laptop with a Minimum i3 or higher-end processor.
  • A quiet room with good lighting.
  • Webcam should be placed about 1-2 feet away. Internet connectivity Required 5+Mbps Broadband connection.
  • Mobile device iOs or Android with 12+ Megapixel camera.
  • Laptop with 12+ Megapixel inbuilt camera.
  • Good quality Headphones.
  • Tripod if recording from Mobile device.

How to Join as a
Panellist or Speaker

Host will send a panellist joining link to respective email id.

Speaker and organiser need to join from the link which he/she will receive in the mail.

Download Zoom App or join from the browser.

Select the Proper Room and Environment

Check your surroundings.
  • The area in which the interview is being conducted is very important.
  • The best conditions would be indoors, where there is minimal outside noise, preferably in a private room with people that are only important for the interview.
  • Make sure the recording conditions are right.
  • Ideally, find a place away from the hustle and bustle, with minimal background noise.
  • Places with recurring or untimely noise pollution should be avoided like the plague.
  • Usually, be in dark colours (Shirt) if you are using a white background.
  • Dress to impress. Even if you aren’t on camera, looking professional will help boost confidence which in turn will help with straightforward answers and clear sound.
  • Think of key interview components that you’ll need to address before post-production: What visual content will be presented and thus need to be described in detail? What part of the conversation can be scripted?
  • Before starting your presentation make sure to state your Name, Title, and Affiliation audibly (even if that means they have to repeat themselves).
Smile, you’re being recorded! :)
Responsive image

Select the Proper Room and Environment

The speaker should be aware of how to conduct
the presentation on Zoom.

PPT should be in 16:9 ratio.

The PPT which will be presented by the speaker will
not be more than 25 Slides.

The text in the slide should be as min as possible. Not more than 10 words. As 98% of the audience is accessing the content on mobile.

Time Limits

Fix the duration of the program 45 Minutes Presentation and 15 minutes for QnA