KISAN Forum has been active in the realm of agriculture extension since the year 1993. Its flagship event KISAN, is the largest agriculture trade fair in India. It was conceptualized with the belief that “Access to information & knowledge will transform farming into a vibrant profession.”

Over these years, KISAN has witnessed farmers welcoming the most advanced technologies on the fields. Now, we are trying to cope with their growing quest for knowledge and aspiration to seek out opportunities in the ever-changing world.

KISAN Databank

Right from the start, curiosity to know what brings farmers to KISAN Fair, pushed us to initiate dialogue with them. We wanted to know > What are their needs, challenges, and opportunities they seek. What makes them travel 100-1000 kms to attend the KISAN fair.

Since 1998, we have been compiling data of every farmer visiting KISAN fair. When we realised that Agri Input retailers play a crucial role in extension, In 2001-2002, our team visited Agri retailers across 500 districts all over India. Over the years, a Database of 1.5 million+ farmers has been compiled.

We are closely tracking the trend of farmers' moving towards digital media. Farmers' registration on mobile started in 2006. Last year, over 60,000 paid registration fees online. Ecommerce has taken roots in rural India. Almost every decision maker and opinion maker in farming has a smartphone today.


KISAN mobile platform aims to connect farmers with information & opportunities in Agriculture.
Real time information will help them make right decisions.
Mobile is the preferred media among farmers to reach knowledge and information.

KISAN will enable farmers with innovative technologies and new opportunities in Agriculture. Farmers can see a range of new products, watch Demonstrations, attend live sessions. Yes, they can also connect with Company representatives on phone or WhatsApp.

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